Monday, July 15, 2013

Fast, Fun, Aggressive USA Crits Race #7 in Boise, ID

We just raced our 7th USA Crits race of the season. And yes....we finished so well that we are still leading the team overall and Tiffany Pezzulo is now ranked fourth in the individual overall. She was also just inches from the podium finishing fourth.

I'm so proud of the girls. It was a team effort.

Our next USA Crits race in August 24th at Chris Thater Memorial Classic in NY.

Joanie Caron wrote a detailed race report below. Thanks for reading.

Primal ProWomen race report for the Boise Twilight Criterium

The Boise Twilight criterium was a fast, fun and aggressive race for the Primal girls. With one of the strongest rosters out there our girls had a plan to make the race happen and get things going early. From the second lap on, one of our riders launched the first attack and it was game on! The whole first lap of the race was packed with lots of action, as the girls kept initiating attacks and a few moves would get a gap here and there. Tiffany was up the road a lot and we could hear her name as she picked up few primes along the way and Joanie got points from the intermediate sprints.

Kaytie, Joy and Melina kept initiating and getting into moves as our 2 sprinters rested a little more in the 2nd half of the race.  An Exergy rider got up the road in the last laps, which could have been a dangerous move, but never got more than a few seconds ahead. In the last 5 laps, Tiffany and Joanie were together and reached Kaytie and Joy’s wheel, bringing them to the front to keep them in a safe spot for the finish. In an attempt to lead each other out, Tiffany and Joanie were still together near the front and everything was set in place. Tiffany made her way through the last corner in a close to ideal position to be able to contest with a long sprint finish.  In the end, Tiffany went strong, taking 4th place, near the podium. 

This was an amazing and active race by the Primal ProWomen. This race shows that the work and the efforts of our past races have continued to move us toward a cohesive unit. We definitely had the legs and the heart to win, and we are happy with the result. Everybody raced proactively and gave their best.  It was a strong and positive presence by PrimalProWomen, who are already looking forward to another race.

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