Thursday, April 11, 2013

BIG Race This Saturday Night

Primal Pro Women p/b BH are on their way to race USA Crit Series #3 (Presbyterian Hospital Invitational) in Charlotte, NC, Saturday night at 6:00 pm. Race will be broadcasted live on the internet at Primal is currently ranked 1st in the team usa crits overall and Joanie Caron is ranked 2nd right behind Erica Allar in the individual standings. The girls will be honored at a meet and greet Friday night at Trysport Southpark (721 Governor Morrison Street #150) since they have the defending champion Nicky Wangsgard racing and they are giving back to the community by hosting a clinic to promote women's cycling and racing. Anyone is welcome to come to event.

Primal can't wait. The Presbyterian Hospital Invitational attracts 25,000 screaming fans and supporters lined up on the sidelines eager to watch the race unfold. This race is among the womens' cyclists favorite races because of the support and generous prize money offered to the women. Tune in Saturday night! Every women's pro cycling team in America will send a team to this amazing race. If you live near Charlotte and want to attend Primal's Cycling Clinic this weekend, details are at


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