Thursday, April 25, 2013

USA Crits #4, Clinic, and Speedweek

Primal Pro Women are on there way to USA Crits #4 in Athens, Georgia. They are looking forward to defending their USA Crits Team overall first place and move Joanie Caron and Tiffany Pezzulo up in the individual rankings. Joanie is third and Tiff is 4th. Most of all, we can't wait to host another clinic. We have just loved sharing our expertise and advice to up and coming cyclists. Racing and teaching the clinic will be Kaytie Scott, Joanie Caron, Nicky Wangsgard, Melina Bernicker, Tiffany Pezzulo, and Zoe Frazier. Zoe will join us as a powerful local guest rider. She is still in high school and fast as lightning! We can't wait to have her positive young energy around.

After Athens, the girls will race speedweek which is composed of seven fast and exciting criteriums. We will keep you posted on our progress at the series.

Picture of Tiffany Pezzulo and Nicky Wangsgard racing the Athens Twilight in 2011.

 Primal women in action at clinic in Charlotte, NC.

 Zoe Frazier can't wait to race with Primal.


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