Sunday, January 6, 2013

A team is born!

At the close of the 2012 season, Nicky Wangsgard (aka The Prof) was ready to hang up her BH Cristal and Primal kit.  With Team Primal/MapMyRide closing its doors for business, The Prof was ready to turn towards other aspects of life: career, family...
In spite of feeling the pull of other elements of her life, The Prof still wanted to be involved in cycling--assisting other women in getting enjoyment and satisfaction out of a sport that had given her so much. In talking with the much loved Susannah Gordon (aka the Boss), Wangsgard started thinking about forming her own team of crit riders.  With former pro team director Gordon's blessing, Wangsgard decided to undertake this project.

At that time, the ink was long dry on most industry sponsor's 2013 budgets. Wangsgard, a self-professed dreamer, was undeterred and forged ahead with a plan to cobble a team together with paperclips and glue. Her two main goals were to assemble a team of women that could win races, and were willing to give back to the sport.

With that in mind, Wangsgard formulated a plan to work with the promoters of the USA Crits series--as series dedicated to offering equal prize money to men and women--to run clinics in conjunction with the races.

She found a group of riders excited to support the team's mission and began the work of trying nurture her baby project.

As of today, Team Primal Pro has partnered again with Primal--one of the sports most tireless supporters of women's cycling--and BH for the 2013 season. The team is also seeking support through community funding with a gofundme site HERE.  The team will be holding training camp before the USA Crits season opener, the Old Pueblo Grand Prix in Tucson, AZ, along with its first clinic.  The Prof is even rumored to have dusted off her bike and to have begun training.  The rider/director is reportedly overwhelmed but brimming with excitement at "her baby's" progress thus far.

Check back to see this baby project's next development. According to Wangsgard, she anticipates a rocky but exciting road!

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