Monday, January 14, 2013

Meet Kori Seehafer

Meet Kori Seehafer. She has officially committed to racing for Primal Pro Women in 2013.

Kori is not new to the women's bike racing scene. She has been around for years. Kori is by far one of the most respected riders in the field. She has raced for top UCI and US domestic elite national teams. She was once Ina Tuetenburg, Rachelle Gilmore, Laura Van Gilder, and Tina Pic's #1 lead-out. She is also one of the very few US women that can say that they have won a world cup race. Primal Pro Women are very lucky to have her on board.

When asked about the upcoming season, Kori stated, "I'm really excited to be apart of the Primal Pro Women's team for 2013.  After living in Italy and trying to qualify for the Olympics in 2008, I've been slowly trying to turn my attention to other aspects of the sport such as coaching, directing and mentoring.  I've done some women rides in the local area and along with teaching I have helped with clubs in the local middle and high school.  I think this team will help me find the perfect nitch of doing something I'm passionate about as well as sharing it with others.  I get to enjoy the bike, lead by example and then share my knowledge with those willing to learn.  It should be the perfect mix, and I'm motivated to start the year off right with my team.  I love cycling and I want to see women's cycling reach that next level.  I hope this is the first step in doing that and our program will be a pilot for future programs."

Rider Bio

Kori Seehafer
From: Erie, CO
Cycling Specialty: All arounder. Lead-out specialist.

Major Championship’s and Awards
2008 Sweden World Cup Win
2008  Prince Edward Island overall winner (won TT)
2007  Route de France Prologue Winner
3 Pan American Podiums
·         3rd 2008 Brasil TT
·         2nd 2007 RR
·         3rd 2007 TT
2007  3rd overall Tour de Toona (1st on 100 miler 1st day)

 Top cycling results each year for past 3-5 years:
2012 Season:
2012 1st Sonic Boom Criterium
2012 2nd Longmont Criterium
2012 2nd CU Stazio Criterium

2012 Season:
2011 3rd Tulsa Tough Stage 1
2011 8th Tour of Somerville
2011 Tour of America Dairyland-2 top 5 finishes

2010 Season:
2010 Tour of America Dairyland -3 top 3 finishes

2009 Season:
2009   5th Elite Nationals RR
2009   Sprinters Jersey Redlands Classic
2009   2 podium results Speedweek & most aggressive jersey

What are doing in your community to mentor/promote cyclists?
I coach athletes, have organized cycling clubs at middle schools, have mentored juniors in
yclocross and assisted with womens’ group rides.
What you like to do when you are not bike racing?
Work on our house especially doing yard work
Occupation off the bike:
7th grade math teacher
Your most memorable experiences on and off the bike:
-Winning the Sweden world cup
-Helping my teammate (Fabianna Luperini)
   win the Giro de Italia.
-Marrying my husband and taking him to Europe during a
   worlds trip where we explored Europe together.
-Learning and communicating in Italian.
What inspires you?
Passionate people who follow their dreams.
What tunes inspire you?
Queen- I want to ride my bicycle
Anything by Ozzy Osborn

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