Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Tiffany Pezzulo

Meet Tiffany Pezzulo. She has officially committed to racing for Primal Pro Women in 2013.

Tiffany is an all around awesome lady. You can count on Tiffany to be a leader on and off the bike. In 2011, Tiffany proved that she can sprint and step it up in a lead out during fast national criteriums.
When asked about next year, Tiffacy stated, "I'm stoked! Can't wait to race with these ladies, can't wait to share the love with cyclo-philes at USA Crits around the country through our clinics. I'm super excited to carry out an awesome mission while pursuing my dream!"

You can follow Tiffany's 2013 comeback on her blog by clicking here

Rider Bio:

Tiffany Pezzulo

From: Salt Lake City, UT (grew up in Rochester, NY)

Cycling Specialty: sprinting, lead-outs, breakaways

Major Championships Awards:
International Cycling Classic (Superweek): Winner of Sprinters Jersey
1998 National Collegiate Champion in Women's Team Time Trial and Team overall
1996 National Collegiate Champion in Women's Team Time Trial and Team overall

Top cycling results for past 3-5 years:
2012 Season
Had a baby!
2011 Season
1st Tulsa Tough, Blue Dome Criterium
1st Evanston Grand Prix
2nd Tour de Nez
3rd Tulsa Tough, Brady District Criterium
3rd San Dimas Criterium
7th Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 1:
2010 Season
1st Tour of Utah circuit race
1st Utah State Criterium Championships
2nd Overall USA Criterium series

What are doing in your community to mentor/promote cyclists?
I work with the regional team started through my pro team from last year (Primal-Utah) as a mentor.
What you like to do when you are not bike racing?
Hanging out with my adorable baby, bike touring with my husband and friends, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, vegetable gardening, reading, playing piano
Occupation off the bike:
Your most memorable experience on and off the bike:
My most memorable experience on the bike was winning the Tulsa Tough Blue Dome Criterium in 2012. The year before I had raced horribly and that made me decide to go part-time at my job and get more committed to racing and training. Winning in Tulsa was special because it was the result of a huge team effort and it was accomplished with very dear friends cheering us all on the sidelines. The race was televised and my husband got to watch the race back in Utah too. I dug so deep that I threw up all over my bike after winning the race. That ended up being televised too.
Off the bike my most memorable experience was the birth of my son, Dmitri on July 4 this summer. Though it was "off the bike" my husband and I watched most of the tour stage until the contractions got too intense.
What inspires you?
Successful, professional women who are able to balance their careers and family lives.
What tunes inspire you?
On the bike: Extraordinary (Liz Phair)
Anything Beastie Boys
All 80s and techno
Off the bike: Ani Di Franco, Herbie Hancock


  1. I didn't realize your 2011 was so kick@$$! Looking forward to watching you tear it up in 2013, Tiff!

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    Whatever works,
    Robert V. Coppolillo

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