Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Joanie Caron


Meet Joanie Caron. She has officially committed to racing for Primal Pro Women in 2013.

Joanie has been inches from winning a national title for several years. We call this "knocking on the door" in the cycling sprints. With a team to support her and lead her out, watch out! Joanie is a big asset off the bike as well. She is happy to stop and chat with anyone and charm them with her French Canadian accent. We are lucky to have Joanie. 

When asked about next year, Joanie stated, "first, I have to say that I am really happy to be a part of Primal Pro women for next season. The group of girls involved look awesome and I see a cohesive unit all working to the same direction. This is really, really exciting, and motivates me to work hard on the trainer and face the rough elements of nordic weather, to bring as much power as possible to the team! More important is the mission of the team: to promote cycling and active lifestyle to the girls and women of the community. Since 3 years, I am the ambassador of an International race hold in Rimouski, which is my hometown, called the Tour de la Releve internationale de Rimouski ( Helping and mentoring junior women to get better or simply get into the sport is something I love doing, as I myself has the chance to rely on great role models, and without their help and continuous support, wouldn't be where I am today. It is a great to get back. As a professionnnal athlete, we get a lot from the people around us and our communities, and give back is so important, and also help us to grow up as individuals. Promoting active lifestyle for women is also great, as off the bike my job is also related to the promotion of I physical activity to the population. Another reason to feel honored to be part of that team."

Rider Bio:

Joanie Caron
From: Rimouski, QC, Canada
Cycling Specialty: Sprinter

Major Championship’s and Awards
2012 BC Superweek Champion
2010-12 Canadian National Team

Top cycling results each year for past 3-5 years:
2012 Season
2012 3rd Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 1
2012 5th Halle-Buzingen, Belgium (UCI 1.2)
2012 5th Tour of Gila Stage 4
2012 BC Superweek Champion
2012 2nd Place Tour De Delta
2011 Season
2011 5th Redlands Bicycle classic Stage 3
2011 14th Sparkassen Giro (UCI 1.1)
2011 14th Liberty Classic (UCI 1.1)
2011 2nd Provincial Championship

2010 Season
2010 2nd Fitchburg Bicycle Classic Stage 1
2010 4th Elite National championship Road Race
2010 8th Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 1

What are doing in your community to mentor/promote cyclists?
Ambassador of the Tour de la Releve Internationale de RImouski, UCI race for junior women cyclists.
Also, mentoring young cyclists to help them get more cycling opportunities.

What you like to do when you are not bike racing?
Spending time with friends and family, reading, walking downtown, drinking good coffee.

Occupation off the bike:
Exercise physiology/sports consultant

Your most memorable experience on and off the bike:
Enjoying team's success with teammates and having the chance to see beautiful
places while racing, and meeting wonderful people in these situation.
Spending 6 weeks riding in the mountain with my best friends, in 2007.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by stories of people who overcome challenges despite a lot of
adversity, because of their will and positive attitude.

What tunes inspire you?
Alive again, by DJ Champion
Eye of the Tiger, the Queen
We are young, Mika
Paper plands, M.I.A.

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